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Welcome Salek Trading Group

GHAVFEL Al-LOLO Company (GHLOLO.com) is a prominent trade bridge between countries and a subsidiary of Salek Trading Group

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Our Goals

We believe that this site, as a communication bridge, is a determining and guiding factor in trade to provide goods, services, information and communication at all levels of business in two directions:
1-buying and selling and supplying goods
2-Providing information between suppliers and consumers to our audiences will pave the way for them to achieve their business goals.
Dear owners of industries, sellers of all specialties as well as buyers as the audience; In fact, the real support of this collection is both us and you. We expect you to benefit from your constructive suggestions and criticisms in order to achieve these goals and to satisfy your loved ones as much as possible.

Our Activities

Exports – Imports and domestic sales, including foodstuffs , oil and petrochemicals , contracting , machinery , building materials , home appliances , home decor accessories , lighting and information technology , business consulting and training , carpets and handicrafts. Our field of activity is in Asian countries, including the Persian Gulf, Africa, Europe, the Indian Ocean, the Middle East.

Our Experiences

Exports and imports – The sale and purchase of goods has a certain delicacy and sensitivity, the lack of attention to which may waste human and financial investments. This, like any other business, requires foresight, planning, familiarity with scientific methods, mobility, and the confidence of foreign and domestic buyers and sellers. We are ready to work with you, dear traders.

Oil and Petrochemical

Relying on the market of petroleum and petrochemical goods is a special feature of world economy.
Petrochemical and petroleum products are the goods that exporting them have been under consideration by Significant government investment for several years in recent years, to some extent.
Manufacturing units of such items have a relatively high profitability due to the availability of factors of production and the available imported technology and the Interest of foreign investors in the investment of this part of the economy.


The food industry is a global trade complex for the world’s population, and it is one of the old industry around the world, controlled by the private sector historically and basically. Export and Imports developments of the food products in our country and changes in global markets since the first development plan have so far had a significant impact on the adoption of appropriate export policies


The Machine industry is a subsidiary of the industry, in charge of manufacturing and repairing machines for users, industries, and various economic sectors. The Machinery industry is often a subsidiary of Heavy industry, and today a small number of companies active in this field are considered as a subset of Light industry, known as Machinery factories.

Building Materials

Building materials are materials that are used in the construction and production of various structures. In the construction of a building, different materials are used, which are natural or artificial, raw or combined, and each of them has unique features. In order to export building materials, access to global markets requires strategy and planning. It is worth mentioning that construction materials in our country are well-known in the world construction industry in terms of quality, which requires the strengthening of international marketing.


Today, in the business market, the term contracting is one of the most widely used words and the registration of different types of it has its own terms and conditions. Contracting means a set that can operate in a Real or Legal way. It contracts with Real or Legal persons for the performance of: (preparation, transportation, installation, construction, execution, etc.) and assumes responsibility for it.


Marketing is the process of attracting people to your company’s product or service. This happens through market research, analysis and understanding of the interests of your customers (and stakeholders). Marketing is about all aspects of a business, including product development, distribution methods, sales, and advertising, Supply and exchange goods (and services) with each other, according to their needs.

Business Consulting and Training

Counseling and Training means receiving professional help and obtaining the necessary information from people who have expertise and knowledge in a specific field. Getting information and advice and training in all areas can be effective and a factor in progress. The role of counselor and education in improving and developing businesses is very important and is increasing day by day.


Globalize your career with us

It is no secret that foreign trade is one of the things that requires experience and high knowledge of business and if you do not have this knowledge and experience, it is faced with a high risk. Our consultants with years of experience in business and academic knowledge at your service